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Baldwin Renovations, LLC is a licensed residential and commercial building contractor based in Wilmington, NC.


Building A Better Tomorrow

We are here to ensure that your next project is managed and completed to the highest standard.  Our experienced tradesmen have an unsurpassed track record for quality and attention to detail.


Residential Clients

We offer our residential clients a smooth and seamless experience. We pay close attention to detail and care about what you want to accomplish with your home project.


Commercial Clients

Got a commercial job? We specialize in small and large repairs and remodeling for commercial clients.

"Robert and his crew are professional and some of the hardest workers I've ever had the pleasure of being around. They built the deck attached to the back of my home ant it's absolutely spectacular. I've never been happier. Anytime I need anything done to my home, Baldwin Renovations will always be my first call. Thanks, guys for the outstanding work!!"

- Lex Hunt

"Robert was our go-to-person for anything we needed done around the house - repairs, painting, whatever, when we lived in NC. Now we have moved and I wish I could find someone just like him in WA!"

- Patricia H. Kelley

"Robert and his crew know how to get the job done! They were very professional, hard working, and dependable. I definitely recommend them for renovations!"

- Melissa Powell

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Carpet Installation Course

What do you need to know? Learn the step-by-step instructions and get the details you need to do the job right.

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When should you get a plumber? Learn how to subcontract for specialized skills and to meet permit requirements.


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